We Needed to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney!

My husband is generally a very calm person, but he has always been a champion for the underdog. When he saw our neighbor punch his wife, he went over and tried to get the man to leave until he calmed down. Instead, the man came after my husband, who knocked him out. He was taken to the hospital, and we thought that was the end of it. However, my husband was arrested later that day, and I knew that we needed to hire the best Sacramento criminal attorney because my husband could face some jail time otherwise.

We were both angry over this, but my husband vowed he would do the same thing again. That is why I love him so much! The poor woman who was punched was so afraid of her husband that she refused to cooperate. We did not get upset with her, even though she saw that it was her husband who started it, and my husband was the one defending himself. Thankfully, there were a couple of neighbors who had seen everything, and the criminal defense attorney that we hired was able to get the charges dismissed within just a few days.

It is really scary knowing just how easy it is to get dragged through the legal system. My husband was 100 percent innocent in this, as it was proven it was self defense. Someone who could not afford to hire an attorney could possibly be sitting in jail today though. I am really glad that we were able to get the best attorney to help us get the charges dismissed. That is not even the best part of everything that happened though. Our neighbor was able to get the courage to leave her husband, and she is thriving today. She has told us that she would not have done that if she hadn’t seen the courage of my husband in helping her!