The Woman Who Goes the Distance

You don’t find too many old people who are willing to get on a skateboard. My grandmother is one of those rare people, and surprisingly, she’s very good at it. She can do all kinds of tricks and even grind on rails. She says that she wants to live life to the fullest, but it seems a little crazy to me. Once when she was doing a trick, she hurt her back and had to search through Sacramento chiropractors for a place to get treatment.

When the chiropractor heard how my grandmother injured her back, he was amazed that someone her age could do tricks on a skateboard. My grandmother treats it as if it’s something completely normal that all elderly people do. The chiropractor told her that she couldn’t do any skateboarding for a while and she wasn’t too happy to hear that. She was ready to skateboard all the way home from the chiropractor’s office. I’ll give her credit for being a tough woman, but she really has to listen to her body sometimes and know her limits. As I drove my grandmother home, she wanted me to pull over so she could go to the park and try some more skateboard tricks.

When I get to be my grandmother’s age, I hope I’m as active as she is, but I won’t want to hop on any skateboards and do extreme sports. I’ve had enough of doing that in my days as a kid, and even then I hated falling off my skateboard and getting into accidents. I broke my wrist while trying to do a trick once, and it deterred me from getting back on the skateboard for a long time. Once my grandmother healed, she just got right back on her board and continued on as if nothing happened.