My Headaches Were Getting More Frequent

I had no idea that a chiropractor in Santa Rosa was going to be so effective in treating my headaches. I thought that a chiropractor was a specialist who helped people with whiplash. I know that is a very narrow view, but how I was supposed to know any different when I had never been to one. My main doctor is actually the one who suggested I see a chiropractor for the headaches that were becoming more frequent. I had made a few appointments with him to try and get relief, but the only thing he could do was have me try different medications.

I was willing to do that, but none of them were working for me. That is when he suggested that I see a chiropractor. He was not simply passing me off to someone else either. I knew he had spent time researching my case, and he felt confident that a chiropractor would be able to help me better than he could. He did not want to keep prescribing different medications, mostly because the headaches were becoming more frequent rather than less frequent. He even suggested which chiropractor I should see after looking at the different ones who work in this area.

This turned out to be the best thing for me. I had been experiencing frequent headaches for several months at this point. The chiropractor did an exam, plus he asked me questions to help with the family and medical history paperwork I had already filled out. He determined that adjustments were the first course of action. He dd warn me that it was not an instant fix. It took me months to get to this point, and it could take several visits for the adjustments to start working. I was willing to do this, and I am glad I stuck it out because my headaches are nearly all gone now!