I Couldn’t Even Touch My Toes

I bent down to tie my shoe a while ago, and I felt such intense pain in my back. I thought for sure I had pulled something in my back, I figured I would just put a heating pad on it, but that did not take the pain away. I figured maybe ice would be needed instead, but that did not help me either. I took some pain pills, and that took the edge of the pain away, but I knew the next morning that I needed to find a chiropractor in Sacramento when it was hurting just as bad as it had the night before.

I did not want to take pain pills until the pain went away, which is why I went online and started looking at the different chiropractors in the area. I was happy to see that the one who is closest to me not only takes my insurance but also seemed to be really qualified as well. I read his entire website and was happy about what I saw there, and I was even happier when I was able to get an appointment for that same day.

When I went in, the chiropractor did a complete examination to determine exactly what was wrong. I could not even bend halfway down before the pain just became too intense. I had to stop, but I was amazed at what had happened next. He gave me an adjustment right there, and I felt different as soon as he did. He explained that my back was out of alignment, and that several adjustments would do the trick of getting my back to where it should be once again. I went back four more times for adjustments, and I felt better after those were done. I am going to continue to go back every now and again just so this does not happen again.